10 Reasons to Invest in a CMMS

SimplylogComputerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

In today’s world, it is impossible to escape rapidly changing technologies. As more keep springing up, one interesting development associated with facility management has changed positively. This is with the emergence of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) technology. Management activities ranging from the instant checklist in a remote task control for work orders in real-time to paper-less documentation is now possible and only with the right software.

Though change is always difficult and introducing a new system is tasking, it is important now more than ever to invest in a CMMSReports have shown that it is one of the most important features a business needs to consider. So, you might ask what are the benefits of a CMMS? Why should I invest in a CMMS? Here are 10 reasons why you need to invest in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

1. Cost Reductions

CMMS increases your profit by cutting costs. In some businesses, how to minimize the cost of maintenance operations is a major focus for the maintenance teams, hence, a good reason to integrate the CMMS checklist. If you utilize your CMMS, the complete maintenance departments’ cost of operations will significantly reduce by 10%, although this may be more or less depending on the company.

2. Reduce Equipment downtime and unplanned shutdowns

Having a successful maintenance team should not only be focused on quickly fixing problems as they arise but also to take preventive actions towards preventing the possible breakdown of assets. Computerized maintenance software provides a combination of preventive and predictive solutions. Your team can automate maintenance strategies to help reduce asset failures and unplanned downtime.

3. Reduce overtime

For an organization, less downtime means lower over time by managing your assets at their optimum level, there will be a minimal chance of failures with assets. With the features of CMMS such as web-based forms, your teams will be able to communicate more efficiently and data will be shared faster. With these, less overtime labour costs, and faster job completion will be achieved, therefore enhancing productivity.

4. Reduce average time to repair

CMMS enables your maintenance team to have access to your work history. The system provides all the crucial information about past problems and applied solutions. From these, checklists for all activities can be created as standard processes for the management of certain operational issues carried out within your company.

5.Workflow Chart

Having a CMMS allows you to have one point of access for all assets and activities from datasheets and equipment records to regulating charts. This helps your technicians get work done faster and efficiently.

6. Removes handwritten work orders; saving time

While you use this system, watch as the productivity of your team spikes as creating, delegating and tracking work orders from start to finish becomes easy to manage. The worry of important physical documents getting lost in the mix will be eliminated.

7. Prolongs the life of your Assets

Similarly, through the use of a CMMS, you ensure that your assets are working efficiently and workflows are carried out in line with set checklists. As a result, the longevity of your asset lifespan will be increased.

8. Lower repair cost

With everything mentioned so far, the butterfly effect is lower repair costs! Monitoring assets reduces the need for major repairs. This decreases the costs related to labour and fixes hence, reducing costs. CMMS provides insights on performance and through this, you can discover best practices and focus on those that are more cost-effective.

9.Improve your budgeting

A noteworthy feature of CMMS is that it helps to reduce maintenance costs as stated earlier. Other features include its ability to predict costs and make use of that data to improve your budgeting. This system provides information on your inventory levels, repair rates and resource cost at your fingertips. You can predict what to allocate funds to as well as share company resources properly.

10. Easy Inventory Management

You can manage your inventory levels on the software by predicting when items will be needed. This deals with monitoring inventory levels and tracking inventory trends to locate fast-moving items. Furthermore, you can set a minimum stock order level and prevent a stock shortage.

CMMS is the right solution for your needs. It can save your company money in several ways from reducing Equipment downtime and unplanned shutdowns to improving your budgeting. These all add up to a return on investment (ROI) which is essential and beneficial long-term. Improve your organizations’ profitability and business workflow, arrange a demo with SimplyLog CMMS  today!