A New Trend in Health, Safety and Maintenance Management

Health,Safety and Maintenance Management

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The employees, work environment and equipment are a critical part of the daily activities of an organization. Studies by the OSHA have estimated that around 15–20% of all accidents and 10–15% of all fatal accidents are related to maintenance operations. A good maintenance management system in the workplace is essential for health and safety. Failure of this, unfavorable situations, accidents, and health problems may arise.

We all know accidents and ill health can lower life. Experiencing this can spiral into bigger problems which could include increased insurance costs, loss of expertise that could result in a court summon, penalties, and sentences. Though maintenance might not be easy, as a company, having all assets work efficiently so they can operate excellently without being at risk to health and safety should be taken into consideration. It makes provision for sound business sense.

This also applies to work hazards related to inadequate quality maintenance or the total lack of it. These situations can create major risks for both the occupants of the building and those who carry out the maintenance activities. With a new trend, an all-in-one computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), it is possible to schedule end-to-end employee training, create customized checklists and generate incident reports within your company.

So, why is it necessary to include Health, Safety and Maintenance Management in the structure of your company?

Protection for employees

Employees being the core of a company’s progress need to feel safe and comfortable while they work. Have a system that manages activities to protect employees and managers from suffering caused by accidents and ill health. This will help to maintain the reputation of your company, retain staff, improve productivity and minimize the costs of accidents and ill-health in the workplace.

Financial Effects

Though we mentioned a CMMS can much reduce costs, it could also promote business efficiency. Having a suitable work environment for employees will no doubt influence job satisfaction, also their physical and psychological well-being. Accident and ill-health events that occur are due to inefficiency in the health and safety management of companies.


Ensuring the safety, health, and welfare of your employees is in a good state is essential for all companies. To do this, the management is required to deal with factors involved in an orderly manner. This could help with improving health and safety performance and providing guidance to employees to comply with the legal requirements.

Ethical Reasons

Following the implementation of a maintenance management system that can manage activities in the workplace, companies will get to reduce the loss of lives as a result of accidents and ill-health at work.

Choose CMMS

For your health, safety and maintenance management system to work properly, it should at least be able to; manage incident management at different locations, schedule corrective and preventive maintenance, generate reports, create system alerts, manage your staffs’ trainings, manage your workforce, manage Service Level Agreements and accommodate compliance and suppliers management.  Regarding the complete performance of a company, a Maintenance Management System is needed. This will help to achieve the goal of being an exemplar employer.


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